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2010-03-03 19:33:51 by HarvestThrone

Hey everyone,
I've decided it's time to get rid of the stuff I don't need and hopefully buy better equipment. I'm currently selling a 12"x7" Mapex Black Panther snare, 16" A Zildjian Medium Crash and a 10" Sabian B8 Splash cymbal. If anyone is interested, just message me and we'll go from there. Hope you find something useful! 56/

Update on the CD situation

2009-05-05 21:11:04 by HarvestThrone

Well, turns out the company I was 'working with' is shit. They do nothing but rip people off, and it doesn't help their case that the person I had been emailing with called me no more than a day after I clearly told them 'No, I don't want to be involved' trying to 'Get in touch with me about the project and run a few things by me'. Bullshit.
Anyway, I'm now in training to become an actor/model, and I have all the connections I need to get my music career started if I wanted to go down that route. That will have to wait since I'm going to put forth nearly all my efforts towards my acting/modeling career.

Take care, and thank you to all who have listened, reviewed, and voted on my work.


2009-03-29 01:10:34 by HarvestThrone

ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN BUYING A COPY OF MY CD, SEND A PM WITH YOUR FULL NAME AND EMAIL!!!! Each cd is $12 (promotion company's policy), and I must have the $12 cash in my hand no later than April 9th, 2009. This is a presale and only 50 copies will be made!! There will be 13-21 tracks including both my progressive metal songs and industrial if they all fit. If they don't, then it will just be my metal work. POSSIBILITY OF VOCALS ON MANY OF THE TRACKS AS WELL!!

Possible track list:
1. Humana
2. Forsaken
3. Eternal Suffering of the Mind (remastered with a different title)
4. Chaos pt.1 - Sea of Destruction
5. Chaos pt.2 - Raining Tears
6. End of Order (remastered)
7. Wind (remastered)
8. Thorne
9. Pensive
10. Solus
11. Final Chapter (remastered)
12. Embracing Death (remastered)
13. Closing (remastered)
14. Eternal Darkness (remastered)
15. Bloodpool
16. CondemNation
17. Shadows
18. Pulse
19. Release
20. Dragonfly
21. Freedom Defined



2009-02-28 00:37:50 by HarvestThrone

The rank of which people can vote on your music when they feel you have done a shit job and don't deserve any credit what-so-ever. Sometimes, there are people who go through the entries and vote this 'Zero' without really listening to and appreciating the art that has been created. I would imagine these people to be other artists trying to down vote everyone else's entries so they can get to the top of the charts faster and easier without really deserving their place. I also gather that they are ignorant fools who like the sound of their own voice echoing down a long, empty hall and don't give credit to any achievement other than their own. Well, there's a reason that hall is empty, and it's because you're all selfish pricks. I hope you all die a slow, painful death. : ) And to those of you who leave a review with valid reasoning behind your vote, you are released from this death wish for criticism is always something I would like to have to know what I can do to better my music.
Also, every keep in mind that I do not use any fancy recording or editing software. All I have to work with is FL Studio 8 with no samples, and I do the best with what I have.


2009-02-27 02:42:35 by HarvestThrone

And for my 10th post I shall grant you all wings!! Just don't fly too close to the sun....

New ideas

2009-02-09 03:53:13 by HarvestThrone

Hello everyone. As you may have noticed I've been putting up some ideas for new songs on here. Just keep in mind that these are merely ideas and most sections will probably be trashed to make room for new, better material. I'm in the process of writing several songs on my little brother's mini acoustic (I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's all I have for now and with how I tune it it gets the job done) and things are coming together well. The only problem is that Fl Studio has shit for guitar sounds, so I'm going to see if I can upload actual guitar audio another way, or if any guitarists out there want to collaborate I can send you a tab with notation as well. That would actually be prefered!

Current status

2008-12-07 19:16:42 by HarvestThrone

Well, things have kind of slowed down a bit since I've moved to Colorado. Right now my parents are getting the new house settled in and I'm typing this post in North Carolina.
Before I left for here I began working on a Meshuggah/Tesseract/Periphery style song that I hope to finish when I return to Colorado along with transferring the industrial/darkwave songs I have written into the "math" metal genre with a little more soul into the works instead of just concentrating on making them complex musical masterpieces. For a more relavent style for what I look to accomplish within the next few months, check out Tesseract's Concealing Fate and Periphery's Icarus Lives, Godma, or Light if you haven't already. Also, I hope to rewrite my previous songs (Thorne, Chaos pts 1 & 2, etc) in this form as well.

Regarding Condemnation...

2008-08-18 16:21:31 by HarvestThrone

Well, my finished version of Condemnation is apparently too large for Newgrounds, so here is a link for all who want to listen. Hope you enjoy!!

Previous work...

2008-08-06 23:31:09 by HarvestThrone

Alright, well I've decided that I'm going to start adding my old songs to this site. They're written in a sort of progressive metal style that I hoped to try and capture emotion and perhaps a visual for the listener in what I wrote. As for the meaning behind any of these compositions, that is for you to decide...

P.S. - Thank you to all who have listened to my music and voted!!! I really appreciate it!!! ^_^


2008-08-02 01:29:42 by HarvestThrone

Hello everyone!!! My first FULL LENGTH song is up! It's titled Bloodpool, so please go check it out and write a review letting me know what you think!


Thank you to those who have listened and voted on my previous work!! I asure you, this song is the best I've done to date. Hope you enjoy!!