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2008-12-07 19:16:42 by HarvestThrone

Well, things have kind of slowed down a bit since I've moved to Colorado. Right now my parents are getting the new house settled in and I'm typing this post in North Carolina.
Before I left for here I began working on a Meshuggah/Tesseract/Periphery style song that I hope to finish when I return to Colorado along with transferring the industrial/darkwave songs I have written into the "math" metal genre with a little more soul into the works instead of just concentrating on making them complex musical masterpieces. For a more relavent style for what I look to accomplish within the next few months, check out Tesseract's Concealing Fate and Periphery's Icarus Lives, Godma, or Light if you haven't already. Also, I hope to rewrite my previous songs (Thorne, Chaos pts 1 & 2, etc) in this form as well.


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