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2009-02-28 00:37:50 by HarvestThrone

The rank of which people can vote on your music when they feel you have done a shit job and don't deserve any credit what-so-ever. Sometimes, there are people who go through the entries and vote this 'Zero' without really listening to and appreciating the art that has been created. I would imagine these people to be other artists trying to down vote everyone else's entries so they can get to the top of the charts faster and easier without really deserving their place. I also gather that they are ignorant fools who like the sound of their own voice echoing down a long, empty hall and don't give credit to any achievement other than their own. Well, there's a reason that hall is empty, and it's because you're all selfish pricks. I hope you all die a slow, painful death. : ) And to those of you who leave a review with valid reasoning behind your vote, you are released from this death wish for criticism is always something I would like to have to know what I can do to better my music.
Also, every keep in mind that I do not use any fancy recording or editing software. All I have to work with is FL Studio 8 with no samples, and I do the best with what I have.


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2009-02-28 00:43:36

The world is full of a** holes, not much to do about it.
But they'll get Theirs in the end.

HarvestThrone responds:

If only there were something we could do about it, and I would hope so lol. Unfortunately dishonor is something many people seem to take pride in now. Here's a link to 'my' new song if you would like to hear it. isten/216794

Hope you enjoy!


2009-02-28 21:35:57

I totally fucking agree, word for word from what ive said many times on here. The best ones are the ones who 0 bomb you but they offer nothing to the site, leeches and ignorant fucks. Glad you spoke your mind on this :)

HarvestThrone responds:

We should raise a fucking army against them!!! Sounds good? Every last one will get hacked, have a major virus planted, and banned for doing so lol.


2009-03-25 05:36:46