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2009-03-29 01:10:34 by HarvestThrone

ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN BUYING A COPY OF MY CD, SEND A PM WITH YOUR FULL NAME AND EMAIL!!!! Each cd is $12 (promotion company's policy), and I must have the $12 cash in my hand no later than April 9th, 2009. This is a presale and only 50 copies will be made!! There will be 13-21 tracks including both my progressive metal songs and industrial if they all fit. If they don't, then it will just be my metal work. POSSIBILITY OF VOCALS ON MANY OF THE TRACKS AS WELL!!

Possible track list:
1. Humana
2. Forsaken
3. Eternal Suffering of the Mind (remastered with a different title)
4. Chaos pt.1 - Sea of Destruction
5. Chaos pt.2 - Raining Tears
6. End of Order (remastered)
7. Wind (remastered)
8. Thorne
9. Pensive
10. Solus
11. Final Chapter (remastered)
12. Embracing Death (remastered)
13. Closing (remastered)
14. Eternal Darkness (remastered)
15. Bloodpool
16. CondemNation
17. Shadows
18. Pulse
19. Release
20. Dragonfly
21. Freedom Defined



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