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Update on the CD situation

2009-05-05 21:11:04 by HarvestThrone

Well, turns out the company I was 'working with' is shit. They do nothing but rip people off, and it doesn't help their case that the person I had been emailing with called me no more than a day after I clearly told them 'No, I don't want to be involved' trying to 'Get in touch with me about the project and run a few things by me'. Bullshit.
Anyway, I'm now in training to become an actor/model, and I have all the connections I need to get my music career started if I wanted to go down that route. That will have to wait since I'm going to put forth nearly all my efforts towards my acting/modeling career.

Take care, and thank you to all who have listened, reviewed, and voted on my work.


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